Energy Storage System for Taiwan and Asia-Pacific

Taiwan has set its goal of increasing its renewable energy capacity to 27GW by 2025, which amounts to 20% of the country’s total electricity generation. With the increase of intermittent energy source, the traditional electricity system is facing frequency instability due to the integration of renewable energy into the grid. Taipower, Taiwan’s state-owned electricity enterprise, has been upgrading the grid’s capability of absorbing the renewable energy with energy storage.

Taipower has announced it needs at least 1000MW capacity of AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) services in 2020-2025. TPE Energy Inc., having won a 2MW BESS service contract, is one of the five companies that have been awarded a total of 15 MW battery storage capacity by Taipower in bilateral contracts in 2020. TPE Energy Inc. provides comprehensive services, ranging from developing and designing battery equipment and energy management system, customizing EMS software and remote monitoring software, construction and installation, and around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance.

TPE Energy Inc. has installed a 2MW BESS with LFP batteries in Taoyuan, Taiwan; the EMS has a three-layered security protection mechanism; no record of fire incident has been reported with the BESS TPE adopts. The 40-ft container stores 3.2MWh of energy and is certified with UN38.3/UL1973/UL9540a/UL9540. Long cycle life, battery cells and battery modules monitoring, and follow-up maintenance ensures the site can have long-term operation without unnecessary interruptions and maximizes service revenues to enhance investment efficiency.

Energy Storage System is a key facilitator in the development of solar power and wind power, both of which are generated from sources characterized by intermittency and uncertainty. TPE Energy Inc. can accommodate its partners in the electricity market and aspires to innovate stable commercial models for the ESS in Taiwan and other local markets in Asia.

TPE Projects

TPE Energy Inc is one of the five companies that have been awarded a total of 15 MW battery storage capacity by Taipower in bilateral contracts in 2020, and for this service contract TPE has installed a 2MW BESS system in Taoyuan that has been performing since its operation commenced in May with outstanding record. TPE came in second place in the bid out of 30 competitors.

TPE Projects

TPE’s Energy Storage System in Taoyuan has maintained an hourly average SPM (second by second performance measure) of 99.92% since the system started its AFC service to Taipower on May 21, 2021. The hourly average SPMs in the first three months were all above 99.8%, and it further advanced to 100% in the last three months of 2021. The excellent performance has relied on TPE’s professionality in system integration and the effort of the operation and maintainence team in routine and thorough maintainence based on around-the-clock monitoring and alerting systems.

ESS Solutions

TPE Energy Inc. works with an economically efficient, safe, and expandable battery energy storage system (BESS). The system is specialized for utility-scale, commercial, industrial, and micro-grid applications. Our BESS is module-based and with simplified installation procedure. TPE’s leading product technologies come from a professional team comprised of members with experiences in a variety of energy industries, knowledge of supply chain management, and extensive skills in battery management software development.

For ESS applications, safety is the top priority, and durability for long-term use comes next. Response rate, power and energy needs, system efficiency can vary in different applications of ESS, which can also be affected by maintenance requirements and environmental and ecological factors.

TPE is one of the few companies that are able to provide grid-level ESS services in Taiwan. Equipped with comprehensive upstream and downstream techniques, TPE has solutions for battery module packaging, battery stack design, and the installation and maintenance of battery container, battery management system, energy management system, and energy storage system as a whole. Taiwan and Asia have great needs for energy storage system, to which TPE’s expertise in software and hardware solutions is expected to contribute immensely.

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